Mother Dog Helps Rescuers Dig for Buried Pups

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[Photo credit: Animal Aid Unlimited]

A panicked mama dog frantically tried to save her babies after a house collapsed in the rain and buried the puppies.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India got a call about the situation after the dog continually cried for help as she dug and bit at dirt and stones.

When rescuers arrived, they feared the puppies were no longer alive but decided to help because of the mother’s persistence in showing them where to work.

They followed her lead and removed rocks as she jumped ahead and aggressively continued to dig. Clearly, she knew that there was little time to act.

The rescuer and dog took turns digging until the babies were found alive. If it weren’t for her motherly instincts and passion to save them, the puppies wouldn’t have made it. There was no stopping this mama!

This video is proof that animals have feelings and a love for family … and it’s exactly why we at Karmagawa do our best to help all living creatures. We’re proud to support many animal rescue charities with donations and social media exposure.

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How did you feel seeing the mama dog fight so hard for her babies? Share your comments below.

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