Debate on Rescued Sloth Bear’s Nationality Prevents His Recovery

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A debate on a rescued sloth bear’s nationality is preventing him from being transferred to adequate facilities in India where he could be better taken care of.

Before being rescued, the sloth bear named Dhutharu, was being used to entertain audiences by being forced to perform different dances.

Dhutharu before his rescue [image: The Third Pole/Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi]

When Sneha Shrestha — who runs the animal welfare charity Sneha’s Care — heard about the story, she became horrified and traveled overnight with her team to rescue little Dhutharu from a life of torture.

Unfortunately, because Sneha wasn’t authorized to rescue wild animals in Nepal, she had to hand Dhutharu over to the government along with a request to transfer the rescued bear to a wildlife recovery center in India where he could be nurtured back to health.

Six months later, little Dhutharu is stuck in a small cage in Nepal’s only zoo located in Kathmandu. 

Government officials are also dismissing repeated calls from Sneha and other activists who are requesting for Dhutharu’s transfer. The Nepali government is arguing that the bear is Nepali property and there is no proof that says otherwise.

The activists fear that Dhutharu could suffer a similar fate to Sridevi, another “dancing bear” rescue that died in a filthy, cramped cage at the same zoo.

[image: The Third Pole/Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi]

Needless to say, Sneha is highly frustrated and deservedly so. She told the Third Pole, “I wish I had sent Dhutharu to India before informing the government, [even if it meant I was put] behind bars for doing something I was not authorised to.”

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