Poodle Hops Around Happily Even After Losing Front Legs

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Take a look at this video that’s gone viral, featuring an adorable dog with only two legs. Doesn’t she look happy?

Her name is Cora Rose, a 4-year-old poodle that lost her front legs in an unfortunate car crash that left her pelvis and legs shattered.

She was rescued from euthanisia by Zach Skow, who runs dog rescue Marley’s Mutts with his wife, Heather, in California. 

They even spent $10,000 for Cora Rose’s life-saving treatment. Only one leg could be amputated at a time because the poor poodle would have been under anesthesia for too long if they had done both.

Cora Rose took a while to get used to her new stature and originally had to move around with the help of a wheel cart … but now she hops around like a kangaroo, seemingly unaware that she has a disability.

But the beautiful poodle wasn’t the only one who was rescued. Skow credits Cora Rose as part of the reason his life has been saved from addiction. “I never set out to be a dog rescuer, but they saved me,” Skow told Inside Edition. “Now we rescue hundreds of dogs a year.”

Doesn’t the world need more stories like this?

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