Kneeling In Solidarity With George Floyd and BLM Protests

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As George Floyd and Black Lives Matter demonstrations continue around the U.S. and grow around the world, we kneel in solidarity. 

It’s ALL of us vs. racism, as we’re all human beings and we’re in this together. We must unite to end racism once and for all

This week, memorial services are happening for George Floyd, a black man who died on Memorial Day after a white Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck until the life drained from his body.

But he will never be forgotten. 

And we want justice — not just for George Floyd, but also Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all other victims of racism and police brutality. 

These tragedies need to end and black people should not have to fear the very people that have sworn to protect them. 

Because black lives matter.

We also want to speak out against violence. We support people who have been peacefully protesting this injustice and we stand with them.

But some of these protests have turned violent — and we are against ALL violence. 

Hundreds of people have been injured … some have reportedly died … and businesses have been destroyed.

George Floyd’s own brother, Terrence, is crying out against the violence because it goes against what George stood for. There’s a better way to get our message across where more innocent people aren’t victimized.

Let’s all use this moment in history and come together instead of drifting further apart. We can use our collective voices and speak out against hate, racism, and violence. 

They can ignore a few people … but they can’t ignore all of us. 

How are you standing up against racism and police brutality? Leave a comment below.

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