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100% of These Apparel Profits Support Black Lives Matter Charities

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After seeing the protests and tragedies happening in these past weeks, everyone wants to know: How can we do more?

We’re proud to unveil this new charity merch HERE, and we’re donating 100% of the profits to three Black Lives Matter charities: Color of Change, the Black Lives Matter Foundation & Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.

Our goal is to donate $100,000, so we hope you’ll purchase with a purpose and help support the cause.

In case you haven’t been following recent developments, this GRAPHIC VIDEO is what sparked the most outrage … and we must warn you it is VERY graphic and truly cruel…

Many of the resulting protests have become very heated and emotional, but we MUST keep the conversation going — because it’s education, understanding and ultimately love that will help heal our nation.

This new Karmagawa charity apparel not only raises much-needed funding for three incredible charities fighting to end racism, but also spreads awareness about this important issue every time you wear it and post any photos or videos of you wearing it, too, as it helps this issue stay at the forefront on social media.

Get the new charity merch here now

We’re dedicated to spreading the word about this for as long as it takes. Are you? Tag @karmagawa in any posts related to the Black Lives Matter Movement and let’s work together to fight racism and spread education/understanding like never before!

What are you and people in your local community doing right now to help end racism? Share your comments below.

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