Artwork Floods Social Media as World Mourns Loss of Pregnant Elephant Killed By Firecracker-Laced Pineapple

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The death of the pregnant elephant that died after eating a pineapple filled with firecrackers has outraged people all over the world.

Check out our post featuring several tributes from heartbroken artists…

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⚠️WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠️WE MUST TREAT ANIMALS BETTER RIGHT NOW! We posted about this tragedy when the news initially broke a few days ago, but please share this new video of the poor pregnant elephant named Amba who ate a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers which exploded in her mouth and eventually killed her while she was standing in the nearby river in an attempt to lessen her pain. This tragedy has shown people how cruel humans are to animals and how they deserve justice too so swipe left and also share the incredible artwork that has been created to get #justiceforamba because no animal deserves to die in such a cruel way like this! The investigation into Amba’s death is still ongoing, but apparently the villagers put explosives in their fruit to fend off wild boars despite The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 in India saying that using snares to trap, wound or kill animals is a cruel and punishable practice so we’ll have to wait for more updates — no matter what this poor pregnant elephant didn’t deserve to die like this! And killings like these aren’t just happening in India, elephants have recently become an endangered species as dozens are killed every day all over the world so please share this sad post with your followers and tag people, celebrities, influencers and news media who need to see it to help us spread awareness that animals deserve better…let’s not allow Amba’s & her baby’s death be in vain! #savetheelephants #endanimalcruelty #karmagawa

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We now know the elephant’s name was Amba of Palakkad. 

The pineapple exploded in her mouth — breaking her jaw.

The incident caused Amba so much pain that she wandered into a nearby river in search of relief before dying in agony from her injuries.

Apparently, the pineapple was never meant for the elephant and it was planted as a snare for wild boars to protect the crops of local coffee plantations — but this act still goes against the Wildlife Protection of 1972 in India, which states that using snares to trap, wound, or kill animals is a cruel and punishable practice.

At Karmagawa, we’re heartbroken over the loss of Amba and her unborn baby. No animal should ever have to experience such a horrific death.

We’re dedicated to posting what’s happening in the world of animals so that we can all learn and change.

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What do you think about the death of Amba and her unborn baby? Leave a comment below.

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