Check Out This Stunning Proof That Endangered-Species Protection Works

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Animal lovers are rejoicing after scientists discovered the world’s largest population of nesting green turtles is nearly twice as large as previously thought!

Footage of green turtles waiting to lay eggs on Raine Island — a vegetated coral cay on the outer edges of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia — was caught by drone technology. 

Check out this beautiful video…

From the footage, scientists determined the population to be about 64,000 … significantly more than they originally estimated!

The thing is, green turtles are an endangered species and many countries have made it illegal to hunt them. Even their nesting grounds are highly protected.

The reason this is such great news is because experts were very concerned about declining numbers.

It’s been difficult to gather data to determine how the protection efforts are working. This video footage is great encouragement to all the hard workers trying to save this beautiful species!

At Karmagawa and Save the Reef, we’re dedicated to bringing light to difficult stories so that the world knows what’s really going on … and so we can inspire change.

Stories like this, though, give us a breath of fresh air because it shows that the world can get better.

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