Outrage Over This Video of Raw Sewage Being Dumped Into Acapulco Bay

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A video of a large amount of raw sewage being dumped into Acapulco Bay is causing outrage among environment and marine-life lovers around the world.

The video was taken from a hotel room balcony…

The sewage discharge — also known as blackwater — comes after locals were enjoying the clear waters that developed from the mandatory pandemic lockdown that included the closure of beaches.

Unfortunately, there’s now a strong, noxious smell around the area.

Blackwater is dangerous and can lead to serious illnesses or death — even with marine life. 

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources started an investigation to determine the origin because discharge of sewage is considered a federal crime in Acapulco.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we’re using our platforms to speak out against this because it’s not only irresponsible — it’s flat-out disrespectful to the environment and the beautiful creatures that rely on their surroundings to live.

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What do you think about people dumping their sewage in our beautiful oceans? Leave a comment below.

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