Innocent Dog Dragged Behind Moving Car in Aligarh, India

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An innocent dog was dragged behind a fast-moving car in Aligarh, India in this video …


Apparently, this isn’t an isolated case in that area because another dog was seen being dragged for over half a mile by two men on a bike with a chain tied to the dog’s neck. The incident was caught on video and has gone viral.

Also in Aligarh, a dog was beaten to death by a group of people. This, too, was caught on video and has gone viral.

In the last two incidents, police have brought cases against the offenders.

We need to spread awareness of how poorly dogs are being treated in Aligarh … so at Karmagawa, we’re using our different media channels to give these innocent animals a voice.

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram and tag friends, family, celebrities, influencers, and news media. 

The more people that know … the better chance these animals have for change.

They continue to suffer because no one speaks up for them — and your post could be the one that gets them help.

Have you ever wanted to create documentaries to expose animal cruelty such as what’s happening in Aligarh, India? 

If so, pro filmmaker Amir Zakeri created a masterclass for us to help Karmagawa followers learn how to tell compelling stories through video — and you can get 50% off the regular price.  

Proceeds go to great causes, so not only will you learn a valuable skill — you’ll be helping great organizations. Get started now.

What do you think about the torture that is happening to dogs in Aligarh? Leave a comment below.

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