Dog Breeders Selling “Surplus Stock” of Puppies for Animal Experimentation in France During Pandemic

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Dog breeders that are struggling to sell puppies during the COVID-19 pandemic are selling their “excess stock” to French animal testing labs for use in experiments.

According to animal rights organization, One Voice, the French government adopted a decree during the lockdown to make it legal for breeders to supply laboratories without having to be registered.

Because there are no checks and balances carried out — and because dog breeders’ businesses are suffering — the decree is leading to hundreds of dogs being sentenced to cruel experimentations.

Decree no 2020-27 was allowed on March 17, 2020, and it amended regulations on the protection of animals that are used for scientific purposes. The relaxation in protection could give rise to a new system of animal cruelty, should it continue.

Beagles, springer spaniels, and pointers are breeds that are particularly in danger because their medium size and gentle nature make them popular test subjects.

These experiments include medication tests, virus injections, and poisoning. 

At Karmagawa, we think this behavior is disgusting! One Voice has submitted an appeal to France’s Prime Minister to denounce the decree, so let’s help them out by making people aware of what’s going on. Check it out here.

The more people that know, the better — because we need to suffocate these evil practices out by exposing them.

What do you think about innocent puppies being experimented on in France? Leave a comment below.

(Cover image: Worawatchimklai/Shutterstock)

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