Overworked Donkey Suspended in Midair After Being Forced to Pull Overloaded Cart

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Look at this video of a poor donkey suspended in air while still being attached to a cart he was pulling…

The load he was carrying was too heavy but his “owners” still expected him to pull off the impossible.

Unfortunately, this type of cruelty happens every day for far too many donkeys that work in areas with little animal welfare law and massive ignorance.

They are expected to work 10–12 hours a day in high temperatures. Many are beaten until they are wounded because their cruel, ignorant abusers believe that the beatings will cause them to work faster and harder.

These wounds fester and get infected. Many of these animals go lame because their hooves are neglected and they are half-starved.

And donkeys are not the only animals that are abused in this manner.

Camels, elephants, horses, and oxen around the world suffer the same fate.

Thankfully there are organizations like SPANA (the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) that work directly with animal owners.

They make a deal with owners by giving the animals free treatment so they can continue working. In return, the owners must take their advice on how to treat their animals and make sure the animals’ health doesn’t get compromised.

At Karmagawa, we want to bring attention to the cruel practices given to these animals so that it’s exposed.

We also want to highlight organizations like SPANA so that they can get the help they need to continue the great work that they do.

The more people that are aware, the better our world can become.

What do you think about animals being used to work and treated cruelly? Leave a comment below.

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