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BREAKING NEWS: Massive Explosion Devastates Downtown Beirut Destroying Port, Buildings, and Lives

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A massive explosion rocked downtown Beirut today, creating a giant mushroom cloud that rose above the capital.

The violent blast flattened much of the port, destroyed buildings, and even flipped over cars.

Take a look at this shocking video …

The cause of the explosion remains unclear …

But rumors range from negligible storage of highly explosive material … to a Hezbollah missile storage being targeted.

It’s still too early to determine the number of fatalities but the number continues to rise.

As of this writing, the health minister reported at least 50 people killed and over 2,700 injured.

People were seen screaming, running, and bleeding.

Bodies are still inside the port … many of them under debris.

The city’s hospitals are filled to capacity and are asking for blood donations.

The blast is extremely shocking for Lebanon — which is a country that has already been ravaged by violence through a civil war and suicide bombings … while fighting a global pandemic.

Lebanon has already been facing an economic collapse caused by a financial crisis and a pandemic shutdown. Many people have lost their jobs and have been thrown into poverty.

The explosion took place right next to a grain silo, destroying precious food supplies so this loss could add to already rising food prices.

At Karmagawa we’re horrified by the videos that are coming out … showing the suffering of Beirut’s people.

They’re in for a long road to recovery … and we want to enable our community to help.

We’re looking to raise $250,000 to help the victims and families that are affected by this explosion … and you can donate with us at this link.

What our fundraiser for Yemen has taught us is that every donation counts … no matter how small, IT ALL ADDS UP! 

We can accomplish so much together.

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more updates … and make sure to share the information with your family and loved ones so that others can get involved.

What do you think about the devastation that has happened in Beirut? Leave a comment below.

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