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Karmagawa Donates $1 Million for Children in Yemen

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Thanks to all of you — our generous community — Karmagawa and SaveTheReef are donating $1 million to help starving children in Yemen who have been impacted by civil war and the coronavirus.

We even received the New York Post’s attention…

Karmagawa Founders Timothy Sykes and Mat Abad

Yemen has been declared the world’s worst humanitarian crisis due to the ravages of war, widespread displacement, a crippled economy, near-famine conditions, severe floods, cholera, dengue fever, diphtheria … and now a COVID-19 pandemic.

Conditions are so bad that 80% of the country’s population depends on humanitarian assistance for food, water, shelter, and medicine … including 12 million children.

The food supply chain has broken, causing prices to increase to levels people can no longer afford … and large parts of Yemen’s healthcare have completely collapsed.

Thanks to your generous donations, $535,000 has been raised in just a few weeks through our Facebook fundraiser.

Karmagawa’s co-founder, Timothy Sykes, donated $370,000 from the profits he made in June and July through trading the stock markets … and the rest of the $1 million comes from our online/social media community and the proceeds of Karmagawa and SavetheReef merchandise from our online store here on the Karmagawa site.

We’re keeping the donation link open for a few more days to give a chance for more people to get involved. 

ALL donations, great and small, are very much appreciated because there are so many children who need our help. A food pack that costs a little more than $50 can feed a family of 5 to 6 for an entire month … so know that your money is impacting these suffering people greatly!

The raising of $1 million was truly a team effort and we’re so thankful that we have a community of people that care. We can accomplish so much together!

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more important stories … and make sure to share the information with your family and loved ones so that others can get involved.

What do you think about all the families that will be able to eat because of the community’s generous donation? Leave a comment below.

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