Raging Wildfires Put the West Coast on List for Worst Air Quality on the Planet

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Raging wildfires in Washington State, Oregon, and California have burned more than 5 million acres … and have made the west coast air quality among the worst on the planet.

Los Angeles, Portland (Oregon), San Francisco, and Seattle are listed in the top 10 cities with the worst air quality according to the findings of air quality tracker IQAir. The four U.S. cities have knocked every China city off the list.

Some experts are saying that the air won’t be fully clear until sometime in October unless stronger winds start blowing the smoke away.

That’s a catch-22 because winds could also fan the flames of wildfires and cause them to spread more.

The effects of the wildfires are so bad that smoke has now drifted to the east coast, including New York and Washington DC where residents are observing hazy skies.

Check out these tweets …

The unprecedented fires are causing smoke to travel around the world with reports of haze being seen in Canada and Europe.

The smoke is creating hazardous conditions, leading to air quality alerts and recommendations for people to stay inside. 

A blanket of ash has covered different cities, with ash blowing into cracks of windows and covering surfaces.

Many Californians have been living in these unhealthy conditions for almost a month and the challenges have compounded on top of already difficult situations resulting from the pandemic lockdown.

We’re heartbroken for the people and animals on our west coast. Everyone deserves a safe place to live and clean air to breathe. We ask that everyone continue to pray for them.

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What do you think about cities on the west coast now being on the worst air quality list? Leave a comment below.

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