Botswana Officials Report the Cause of Over 300 Elephant Deaths That Happened Over Summer

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Botswana officials state they have solved the mystery of what killed over 300 elephants in the country between April and June.

The mass die-off of endangered elephants caused alarm in animal lovers all over the world, leading to the demand for answers to prevent more deaths from happening.

According to government officials, the poor elephants ingested toxins that were produced by cyanobacteria … a bacteria found in water.

There are reports that 70% of the elephants died near seasonal watering areas that contained algal blooms.

Officials still have more questions … such as why were only elephants affected …. and why that particular area?

One of the thoughts is that elephants are more susceptible to the toxins because they spend much more time bathing … and drinking large amounts of water.

There are still a lot of unknowns, however. 

Although the watering holes tested positive for cyanobacteria, it doesn’t prove it was the cause of the elephant deaths.

Tests that would prove cyanobacteria as the cause of death require tissue samples that are kept in strict conditions and delivered in a short amount of time … and, unfortunately, this wasn’t made available in Botswana.

Watering holes will now be tested for algal blooms to reduce the risk of future mass die-offs.

There are a number of hypotheses officials have that require more investigation, but hopefully, we get more answers soon.

At Karmagawa, we are heartbroken over the deaths of these gentle giants which are already endangered due to poaching.

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