Algae Blooms Are Turning Florida Ocean Water Different Colors and Killing Marine Life

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Continued reports of fish kills in the Indian River Lagoon in Florida have been pouring in. For months, experts have been concerned about dangers to marine life and seagrass on a large scale brought by ongoing algae blooms.

Residents are saying the color of the water has gone from pea-green to root beer — a color they haven’t seen before.

Single-celled algae have been rapidly increasing in separate blooms across the Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island areas, dissolving oxygen levels and making the waters unable to support marine life for long. There’s also fear that there is significant damage to seagrass which is important for the survival of the ecosystem.

Algae bloom looks like a thick carpet of sludge and has a terrible smell. It’s believed to be caused by ongoing nutrient pollution such as septic tank sewage, stormwater runoff, and fertilizer.

Dead marine life is being found around the area, including croakers, catfish, flounder, shrimp, skates, stingrays, trout, and whiting. Animals are trying to get air anyway they can and the oxygen levels are so bad that bottom-dwelling fish have been found close to the top of the water, gasping for oxygen.

To make things worse, the carcasses cause more bacteria which leads to more algae … and even lower oxygen levels. 

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