Horse Collapses During Carriage Ride and Is Forced To Continue Working

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A horse that was pulling a carriage in New York City collapsed recently and then was forced to continue the carriage ride.

Take a look at these pictures …

The incident happened in Central Park where the horse, named Billy, was pulling a driver and a couple of passengers. The poor horse fell suddenly on a slippery, icy road. 

You would think the driver would get Billy checked out before continuing, right?

Unfortunately that’s now what happened. According to witnesses, the driver got the horse back up on its feet and continued the passenger ride like nothing happened. 

This isn’t the first time a horse was mistreated by the NYC carriage industry … it’s been happening for some time. Carriage rides have been a familiar sight and tradition in the state but many feel it’s time to put a stop to the practice. Advocacy group, NYCLASS, is infuriated and organized a protest to come against the cruel treatment of Billy.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we’re upset that Billy didn’t get checked before continuing to pull a heavy load in those cold and icy conditions. We’re unsure if he got care afterwards, but we hope so.

It’s time to revisit some practices that we do so that we can better care for the beautiful animals on our planet.

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What do you think about poor Billy having to continue working after he collapsed? Leave a comment below.

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