South Padre Island Community Works Together To Save Sea Turtles From Historic Texas Storm

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Falling temperatures from a historic storm in Texas have been putting sea turtles in South Padre Island in serious danger.

The turtles have become vulnerable to hypothermia, causing the poor animals to become “cold-stunned.” This is a condition that happens when water temperatures drop below 50 degrees, causing the turtles to lose their ability to move while still being awake. Cold stunning often leads to death by injury, stranding, or drowning.

The community has been working together to watch for any turtles that are floating or that wash ashore so that rescuers can attempt to save them.

The response from volunteers has been overwhelming. Check out these pictures …

Over 1,700 cold-stunned turtles are being housed at facilities, including the City of South Padre Island Convention Center.

The work isn’t done, though, and more turtles are expected to come in. The turtles around the island are in need of more help during this urgent crisis. 

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef we are so touched by the flood of help coming from the community to make sure these animals can go on living. South Padre Island is going through the largest cold-stunned event in recorded history and so much love and effort were given. Even people on vacation were doing what they could to help! We thank all of you for your love of these sea turtles!

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