Sea Turtle Inc. Releases 2,200 Sea Turtles Back Into the Ocean After Mass Rescue

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The Sea Turtle Inc. organization successfully released 2,200 turtles into the open ocean of the Gulf of Mexico after rescuing them from their cold-stunned conditions.

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Sea turtles are reptiles and they get their body temperature from the water temperature, so they prefer warmer climates.

When temperatures get too cold, they get “cold-stunned” which is a condition where their bodies try to conserve energy by shutting down non-essentials. Some even end up with pneumonia and other infections, as well as injuries.

When Texas had its recent storm freeze, it put all of these sea turtles in serious danger. Thankfully, Sea Turtle Inc. and people from around the community gathered together to look for cold-stunned turtles on the beach and waters to transport them to safe facilities, including the City of South Padre Island Convention Center and Visitors Bureau.

Together they were able to gather over 5000 cold-stunned turtles. Without the hard work of caring people, the situation could have been devastating.

Sea Turtle Inc. plans to hold a Gratitude Day to thank volunteers that offered their time, supplies, trucks, trailers, and boats in the effort.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef we’re so happy that these sea turtles are safe and we’re super grateful that there are so many people that cared enough about these animals to work so hard.

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