Activists Are Dropping Huge Boulders Into the Sea To Protect Our Marine Life

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Marine life activists are dropping huge boulders into the sea to protect the animals and the ocean.

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Our oceans are in crisis due to destructive fishing practices and activists such as Greenpeace are fighting back.

Fishing boats are dragging metal-toothed gear along the ocean floor and scraping everything in their path.

These destructive practices of industrial fishing are even being done in marine protected areas (MPAs), which are supposed to safeguard the most sensitive and ecologically diverse parts of the sea.

According to Greenpeace, their investigations have revealed fishing boats spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours fishing inside places that are meant to be protected, destroying valuable seabeds.

Unfortunately, in the UK the government isn’t stepping in. There are areas they have designated protected areas … But the ministers haven’t made it illegal to destroy them, endangering the health and productivity of our beautiful oceans for generations.

There are people that care, though … And they’re doing what they can to prevent more destruction from happening. Greenpeace has been dropping giant boulders into the waters to build an underwater boulder barrier in a protected area off the coast of Brighton.

This area is known to be one of the most heavily bottom-trawled MPAs. These barriers will stop the bottom trawlers from plowing the important habitat with their equipment, making one-fifth of Offshore Brighton off-limits to these industrial fishing vessels.

Karmagawa and SaveTheReef support this attempt to protect our marine life and oceans.  Sadly, it’s just a band-aid solution to bottom trawling, which is a far-too-aggressive fishing method that indiscriminately sweeps up any marine life in its path, destroying entire ecosystems at a faster rate than ever before. 

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What do you think about dropping boulders in the ocean to prevent the industrial fishing industry from destroying our protected areas? Leave a comment below.

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