Brooks Brothers, Mulberry Ban Exotic Animal Skins

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Two iconic fashion brands, Brooks Brothers and Mulberry, have joined the growing list of brands that are banning exotic animal skins from their collections — to the delight of animal lovers around the world.

Brooks Brothers is regarded as U.S.’s oldest clothing retailer and started the shift in 2018 when they stopped purchasing mohair in response to PETA’s investigation of angora goat farms in South Africa.

Mulberry, a luxury brand based in the UK, followed shortly after. Although both brands will continue to sell leather products, it’s still a big victory for animals … and a sign that the fashion market is moving towards animal-free fashion lines.

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Exotic animals include zebras, bison, kangaroos, elephants, crocodiles, alligators, ostriches, lizards, and snakes.

Often, these animals are hunted and killed specifically for their skin.  Some of the animals are bred and raised in factory farms — and in horrible conditions — for their skin.

“Behind every crocodile- or snake-skin item is an animal who experienced a violent, bloody death,” Tracey Reiman of PETA said in a statement. “PETA thanks Brooks Brothers for protecting these vulnerable animals and points kind consumers to high-quality vegan materials that are the future of fashion.”

As more people show a desire for fashion that doesn’t lead to animal cruelty, the clothing industry will be forced to follow suit.


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