New Bill Introduced to Ban Shows Using Bears and Wolves in France

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According to the animal welfare organization, Four Paws International, a new bill was introduced by seven deputies in France last week to improve the living conditions of wild and domestic animals.

This is great news because it’s aimed to fight against the mistreatment of innocent animals and provides hope for activists in France.

The bill includes the banning of shows that use bears and wolves. It also bans the acquisition, possession, and keeping of wild animals in circuses, starting on January 1st, 2026.

The practice of using wild animals to entertain audiences has led to their cruel treatment … It’s also believed to fuel the illegal wildlife trade by encouraging unregulated commercial breeding.

Four Paws has documented a brown bear forced to perform tricks, including riding a skateboard and dancing with a hula hoop for cheering crowds.

In November 2019, Four Paws International banned together with AVES France and Fondation Brigitte Bardot to hand over 168,092 signatures for the ban on the bear and wolf shows to members of the French National Assembly.

Thankfully, it’s led to movement and now it must be adopted by the French Parliament.

At Karmagawa, we strongly encourage the members of the French Parliament — from the National Assembly and the Senate — to adopt the legislative proposal. It would be a major step forward for animal welfare in France, and send a powerful message to other nations that condone the cruel exploitation of wild animals.

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