Komodo Dragons in Danger After Plans Revealed for Jurassic Park-Style Tourist Attraction in Komodo Conservation Area

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Animal enthusiasts and Komodo dragon lovers are worried over plans to build a Jurassic Park-style tourist attraction in a Komodo conservation area.

Take a look at this photo of a construction truck invading the conservation area that has gone viral …

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⚠️PLEASE SHARE THIS TO HELP SAVE KOMODO DRAGONS!⚠️ We must spread awareness about this tragic new photo of the first truck that has entered the Komodo conservation area in over a century since first being discovered by the scientific world in 1912! This is due to a brand new construction of a new multi-million dollar “Jurassic Park” style tourist attraction development that has drawn fire from wildlife conservation groups due to the risks for Komodo dragons, which are an endangered species that number only a few thousand known to be left alive due to…can you guess…habitat destruction from development EXACTLY LIKE THIS! Locals are calling this new development and intrusion into this sensitive World Heritage site “crazy”, since it wasn’t very long ago back in April 2019 when the Indonesian government was forced to temporarily cut off public access to allow for the giant reptiles to recuperate after authorities busted a local dragon-smuggling ring. Can you guess what will happen this time around? (And let’s not forget Jurassic Park didn’t end well for the animals, let alone the humans either!) As this irresponsible photo demonstrates, along with the fact that suggestions from conservation groups have been ignored, we MUST all use our social media platforms to share this important post with our followers and tag people, celebrities, influencers and news media to see it and encourage them to share it to protect this poor endangered species that’s on the verge of being commercialized which will likely decrease their dwindling population even more, all for the sake of human entertainment — and that is something we must NOT allow! #savekomodo #komododragon #endangeredspecies #karmagawa

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The Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard and is an ancient animal that can only be found in East Nusa Tenggara, the southernmost province of Indonesia.

The Komodo, Rinca, and Padar Islands have been designated a national park since 1980 in an effort to protect the Komodo dragon. It was even declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The area is home to only a few thousand of the giant lizards — and they’re the only ones known to be left alive.

Despite all the protections, the Indonesian Government unveiled its plans for the tourist attraction which will include offices, a warehouse, selfie spot, roads, lodgings, and public open space.

Representatives argue that development will be done in an integrated manner but the reason that there are so few dragons left is because of previous development.

Some locals and conservationists oppose the new development and argue the construction will harm the dragon’s natural habitat — reminding the government that conservation means to live together with the ancient animals within its own ecosystem.

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This is the first time construction trucks have invaded the area since it was first discovered by the scientific world in 1912 and we here at Karmagawa are upset that it’s being disrupted.

No one has the right to put an entire species in danger by disrupting their natural habitat — especially when it’s just for entertainment and to make money.

It wasn’t long ago that the Indonesian government was forced to temporarily cut off public access to the area to allow for the Komodo dragons to recuperate after a local dragon-smuggling ring was busted. Now, this is happening and the dragons are once again in danger.

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What do you think about the invasion of the Komodo conservation area that is happening? Leave a comment below.

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