Pandemic Checkpoint Police Stop Traffic to Let Ducks Cross

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Look at that family go!

Karmagawa is all about loving animals … and sometimes we need to take time and just enjoy watching them.

This adorable video of police in Russia stopping traffic to let a mama duck and her babies cross the road has gone viral. 

The incident reportedly happened near a police checkpoint that was set up to enforce movement restrictions in the city due to the coronavirus.

The officers moved a traffic sign to stop the flow of traffic and then guided the family to the other side of the road. The ducks made it safely to a pond a few hundred meters away.

It’s a great reminder to take time out of our days to show appreciation for all the beautiful creatures in the world … even in a pandemic!

We want to spread the message of love for animals and one of the ways we do that is by exposing you all to great charities all over the world who are protecting them.

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Have you seen people stop traffic to protect animals? Comment below and share your story with us!

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