Pregnant Hammerhead Sharks Are Being Slaughtered for Their Babies’ Meat

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Fishermen in Panama are killing pregnant hammerhead sharks and cutting out their babies so they can use it for a seafood dish called ceviche.

The hammerhead sharks swim into the Panamanian waters every season to give birth but are instead met with this viciously barbaric fate.

Many species of sharks are endangered … some critically.

Up to 100 million sharks are killed every year, which has caused devastating consequences on their populations. 

They are vital to the ecosystem — and for our oceans. If sharks disappear, sooner or later, it will affect the human race and other animals.

We must let organizations such as ARAP Panama, Visit Panama, TVN Noticias, Medcom Medios, Telemetro Reporta, La Prensa Panama, and Ministerio De Ambiente Panama know that we don’t want endangered species to continue to be killed without any regulation.

If we don’t make changes, this will continue with no limitations until it’s too late!

At Karmagawa and Save the Reef, we’ll continue to show you what’s going on in the animal world around the globe so that we can do something about it together.

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How do you feel about the killing of these endangered sharks that are trying to give birth? Leave a comment below.

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