Faroe Islanders Continue Whaling Season After Lockdown, Slaughtering Almost 300 Whales and Dolphins Last Week

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The sea is turning red with blood again as the Faroe Islanders are back to murdering innocent whales and dolphins.

Take a look at these pictures …


After a pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whaling season continues and nearly 300 animals were killed this week.

Fishing ministry Jacob Vestergaard authorized the start of the season while warning fishers to avoid large gatherings.

Around 250 pilot whales and 35 white-sided dolphins were caught and slaughtered on the evening of July 15 near the village of Hvalba.

These ultra-social and very gentle animals are protected by the Bern Convention on Wildlife.

The Faroese eat dolphin meat and defend a tradition they call “Grindadrap,” which allowed their ancestors to survive in a previous hostile climate.

In the tradition of Grindadrap, fishers surround the animals in boats and trap them into the bay, before entering the water up to the waist to kill them with knives.

The Faroese government defends the practice, claiming that it’s sustainable and regulated.

Today … even though the environment is no longer hostile, an abundant choice of foods are available, and the population no longer needs eating whales and dolphins to survive … the barbaric tradition continues. 

On average, 800 cetaceans are killed each year in the Faroe Islands and at Karmagawa we believe this has to STOP NOW!

You can do something about it by signing our petition to stop the hunting of dolphins and small whales.

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What do you think about the Faroe Islanders continuing this barbaric tradition in today’s environment? Leave a comment below.

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