National Guard Crews Embark on the Most Dangerous Flight of Their Lives To Rescue Over 200 People

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California National Guard pilots and crew members embarked on the most dangerous flight of their careers to rescue more than 200 people who were stranded and surrounded by wildfires this weekend.

Take a look at these shocking videos and pictures …

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⚠️AMAZING BRAVERY AND FUNDRAISER LINK IN OUR BIO⚠️ Please help us honor these heroes by sharing the story of the amazing team of @thecalguard who just flew their most dangerous mission ever, saving 200+ lakeside campers who were stranded, surrounded by fire on all sides & previously told to shelter in place as that was their only option for survival since flying in would be to dangerous for any rescuers. But @thecalguard pilots and aircrew accepted the high degree of danger of flying at night into wind-driven fires in mountainous terrain and in a moments notice, without question, they loaded up in a Blackhawk and a Chinook helicopter and headed into the unknown…risking their lives to try to rescue the campers while using night vision goggles just try to to see through the heavy smoke while flying, their turbine engines screaming through a valley of intense smoke and embers and their powerful rotors slapping back against the high winds. The sound of hope. The sound of freedom. The sound of not being left behind. Once they arrived at the lake, they landed within 50 to 75 feet from the approaching fire and could see the campers were in a highly dangerous position so they had to act fast. There wasn’t enough room for everyone at once so multiple flights were needed, women and children were evacuated first, but eventually all 200+ people, including 16 dogs, were saved, a truly heroic act by the crews of these helicopters! We must make EVERYONE aware of this incredible bravery so please share this post with your followers and tag people, celebrities, influencers & news media who need to see it and have them share it too, there’s also a fundraiser in the bio of @karmagawa and @savethereef and all donations great and small are most appreciated because we MUST celebrate and support heroes who put their lives on the line like this or otherwise these 200+ people probably wouldn’t be alive today! #trueheroes #nationalguard #rescuemission #creekfire #karmagawa

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The large group that was rescued included dozens of campers that had no idea their Labor Day vacation would include their lives being in danger.

A fast-moving fire — now called The Creek Fire — moved towards their campgrounds in Sierra National Forest, covering 75,000 acres and spawning fire tornadoes. It even created huge plumes of smoke that were visible from space.

When the campers’ exit routes were no longer passable, the large group became trapped and California National Guard crews who were at their homes were notified.

With the option of waiting for better conditions, the crews decided to put themselves in harm’s way and proceed with the dangerous rescue … even though night was falling and the journey meant traveling through extremely dense smoke.

Flying in Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters, they used night vision goggles to navigate through the blinding smoke and find the campsite. The fire embers on the terrain actually helped them see better.

Landing just 50 to 75 feet from the approaching fire, the rescuers began to board as many evacuees as possible … women and children first.

They realized that there was little time and that multiple trips were required.

It was an intense rescue that required three trips … conditions getting worse with each attempt.

After each of the trips, the crews had to decide if they were going back or not … exhausted and extremely nauseous from the smoke.

Thanks to their heroic actions, over 200 people are alive today … and 16 dogs!

At Karmagawa, we’re so thankful that there are brave people out there like those in the California National Guard.

We celebrate and support these heroes who continually put their lives on the line to keep people safe and alive!

So much of California has been burned and we want to help. We started a fundraiser to help those affected by these fires. 100% of the money will go towards providing food and temporary shelter for firefighters and families … it will also go towards veterinary care for animals that need medical attention.

Please consider giving. Remember, no donation is too small because when we give together, we can give a lot.

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