Two Kayakers Have Scary Encounter With Humpback Whale off Coast in California

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Two kayakers had a close encounter with a humpback whale last week in an event that they’ll likely never forget.

Take a look at this video …

The incident happened off the coast of Avila Beach in California. Liz Cottriel and Julie McSorley were whale watching in their kayak, thinking they were at least 30 feet away from the large animal.

Little did they know, they were much closer than they thought. The giant animal came up from under them and knocked them into the water.

The moment was caught on tape by onlookers and from the footage, it looks as if they were being swallowed. The kayak was overturned and both women were thrown into the water.

After resurfacing, they were rescued by other kayakers and paddleboarders.

Humpback whales are frequently active on the California coast and typically feed on krill and small fish. Many people try to catch a glimpse of them and officials recommend keeping a football field away to prevent situations such as capsizing.

Although the women thought they were going to die, they are safe and sound. They’re blessed to be alive and we’re happy that nothing worse happened.

Beautiful creatures like this are so magnificent but we must respect their boundaries so that we and they don’t get hurt.

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