Pod of 20 Melon Headed Whales Slaughtered in Japan

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A video shows a pod of approximately 20 melon-headed whales being slaughtered at The Cove in Taiji, Japan.

Look at this horrible scene ….

Motor powered boats surrounded the animals, using intimidation and force to corner the helpless whales against the shore. They were then pushed under tarps so that they could be killed and hauled to a butcher house.

Unfortunately, this recorded incident is just one scene included with so many similar ones that haven’t been recorded. The practice of hunting marine animals is an annual event at this whaling town and has been a tradition in Japan for centuries. The 2020 season started in September … and a full season lasts six months.

The hunting technique the fishers are using is called “drive hunting” and it’s used to herd dolphins and small whales into a cove so that the animals can be killed or captured. Young dolphins without scars are typically caught to be sold to aquariums.

The violence of drive hunting has shocked the world and was even documented in a film called “The Cove” in 2009. The exposure of the film has brought a lot of criticism to Japan from anti-whaling groups in western nations, including Canada, Iceland, Norway, and the United States.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we’re horrified that these beautiful animals are killed so barbarically. We hope it continues to get exposure so that more people learn what is going on and that changes are made.

If you love animals and want to stay aware of what is happening around the world, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We try to show ways that you can help. Please pass our information to your friends and family so that they can learn and stay aware, as well.

Have them watch this powerful video …

Our friend, Amir Zakeri, created this video. He has also created an online class for anyone in the Karmagawa and SaveTheReef community who would like to create documentaries like “The Cove” to speak out for the voiceless. If you’re interested, here’s 50% off.  

All proceeds go to great causes, so don’t hesitate. Get started now

What do you think about the practice of drive hunting? What do you think needs to happen to stop it from happening? Leave a comment below.

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