Fishers Recorded Playing on Dead Whale’s Body

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Some fishers were recorded jumping on a dead whale for fun recently.

Take a look at this video and try not to cringe …

Great whales are at the top of the food chain in the ocean and they’re vital to the overall health of the marine environment. They play a significant role in capturing carbon from the atmosphere because each, on average, takes in an estimated 33 tons of CO2.

Sadly, their big size doesn’t protect them from unnecessary dangers and six out of 13 great whale species are classified as endangered or vulnerable. And this is happening despite decades of protection.

So many whales are killed each year. Bycatch and habitat loss are real dangers these gentle giants face daily.

A moratorium on commercial whaling and a ban on international trade of whale products has been established but Iceland, Japan, and Norway have decided to continue their commercial whale hunts. Over 1,000 whales are killed each year for these commercial purposes.

Climate change is causing the warming of our oceans and the loss of sea ice is affecting the food supply of whales. The food supply change is forcing whales to migrate much further to find feeding grounds. These changes are hurting the reproductive rates of certain whale species, as well.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we know we all have to do better if we are going to prevent whales from disappearing from our planet. Reportedly, the fishers in the video weren’t the ones that killed the whale … But the fact that they were jumping on the dead body is an example of how we as humans are not respecting the species. Let’s spread the word so we can treat these beautiful animals better.

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Have them watch this powerful video …

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What do you think about these fishers jumping on the dead whale’s body? Leave a comment below.

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