Thousands Trash Popular English Park After Lockdown Restrictions Eased

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Thousands leave a public park trashed after the easing of lockdown restrictions in Leeds, England.

Check out these disgusting photos …

Woodhouse Moor is a popular open park area measuring about 64 acres and the location where sunseekers gathered to celebrate a day after coronavirus lockdown rules were eased in the area.

It was the hottest March day in half a century for the city and many were happy to finally get out of their homes freely.

Unfortunately, though … Many forget that their litter spreads and can easily end up polluting rivers and oceans, destroying the environment, and putting precious wildlife in danger.

Waste such as plastics, glass bottles, and cigarette butts end up in water garbage zones. According to reports, the most common type of trash that ends up in these zones are microplastics — tiny pieces of broken-down plastic.

But how does trash end up in rivers and oceans? It’s not like garbage men bring it to the water by the truckload.

Well, according to studies, 80% of microplastics end up in the ocean and rivers from land-based activities while the rest come from garbage being thrown overboard from ships.

Naturally-occurring weather blows trash out of dumpsters and garbage bins where it makes its way into storm drains. The trash then travels through sewer pipes and into waterways … And then finally into the ocean.

For plastics, solar radiation causes them to break down into microplastics because it isn’t biodegradable.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef we want to remind everyone that our choices and habits affect the environment around us. We need to be careful of what we use and how to dispose of it because it just might end up in our rivers or oceans and kill innocent animals. If we take time to protect our planet and educate others, we have a chance at keeping our world beautiful and safe.

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram and stay informed of what is happening to animals all around the world.

Also … please spread our information so that your friends and family are aware, as well.

Have them watch this powerful video …

The director of this video, Amir Zakeri, created a masterclass for anyone in the Karmagawa and SaveTheReef community who would like to tell visual stories about the causes they care about. If you’re interested, here’s 50% off.  

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What do you think about the condition that people left Woodhouse Moor in? Leave a comment below.

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