Karmagawa Announces Big Milestone: 100th School Opened To Help Children Escape Poverty

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All of us at Karmagawa are super excited because we reached an incredible milestone. We’re so happy to announce that the 100th Karmagawa school has opened in Myanmar that will provide education to needy and well-deserving children! Check out our announcement on Twitter:

The Backstory

Since 2015, these school projects have been an important part of what we have been doing at our nonprofit. That’s the year we got involved to help build two schools in Laos: the Pha Sanin Preschool and Primary School and the Thong Pha Nib Preschool and Primary School.

At the grand opening of these schools, our co-founder, Timothy Sykes, traveled to Laos to see firsthand the impact of these builds. Surrounded by an excited community, he could tell just how much the new schools meant to the children and their families. During the celebrations, one villager said, “We are so happy. Because now our children can go to school in good buildings. Before the buildings were not good. They could not learn.”

But because of a lot of people’s efforts, the lives in these communities have changed. The schools are now a new world of imagination for the kids. The kindergarten building that was falling to pieces is now the best quality building in the area. The experience of seeing these families during the opening impacted Timothy so much that we continue to give and help more children get similar facilities.

Why Are We Building Schools?

The poverty in Bali has created a cycle that has been preventing young people from building a better life for themselves and their families. Because of limited resources, there are many children who aren’t able to achieve their dreams.

Thankfully, there are caring people who know that education can give these poor children a chance to change their families forever. These new schools give upcoming generations the ability to learn new ways to earn their way out of poverty.

Check out this Youtube video about the 16th and 17th schools that we opened:

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef we’re all about helping the world become a better place. Kindness can go far and it feels good that we are able to give a little of what we have to make sure others can improve their lives. We’re going to continue more projects like this to make as big an impact as we can. Will you join us?

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You’ll be helping important causes, so don’t hesitate. Get started now.

What do you think about these schools and how they affect the communities they are in? Are you wanting to help children learn to build better lives? Leave a comment below.

(Cover Image: Kumpol Vashiraaskom/Shutterstock)

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