This Majestic Whale Shark Didn’t Deserve This Tragic Ending…

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Animal lovers were outraged when a whale shark was dragged around a town on the back of a pickup truck in China…

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⚠️WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠️ Please share this sad post to spread awareness of this urgent issue because this poor shark was hauled through the streets of China and when the fishermen arrived at the restaurant and made their offer, the manager refused to buy the shark, but not because it is a nationally protected species in China. It was “too smelly” and too full of mercury to eat. The fishermen cut it up in the middle of the city because they thought it would be easier to sell in pieces. Despite being heavily protected, internationally, whale sharks continue to become victims, usually through "accidental" catch… THEY ARE NOT SAFE. We must stop celebrating protected species until we are able to enforce that protection. And despite being protected by CITES from international trade, with the right permits they can be traded. It's amazing that we are shocked by things that happen every day. Out of sight out of mind, and sadly too few people are fighting for the animals and the truth, so we need your help to share this and tag people to need to see this to help us spread awareness and make EVERYONE see what’s happening! Don’t rely on influencers or legislation or governments or shark week… the real world is far darker than they are prepared to show you. In exposure of the truth, we gain a new sense of purpose and passion for the fight, that's why the reality is important. It's important for you to not look away, because in doing so, you're creating a darkness where this kind of thing thrives. Please share and spread the word because no animal deserves to be treated like this! Repost from @sharkgirlmadison #savethesharks #whaleshark #sharkfins #sharkfinsoup #karmagawa #savethereef

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Whale sharks are slow-moving gentle giants of the sea and they are the largest known extant fish species.

Whale sharks generally travel the oceans alone and are believed to live up to 130 years.

But unfortunately, the life of this beautiful creature was cut short. 

The fishermen brought the shark’s carcass to a restaurant and made an offer but the manager refused to purchase it — not because it was a protected species, but because it was “too smelly” and too full of mercury to eat.

As a result, the fishermen decided to cut the shark up — right in the middle of the city … believing it would be easier to sell in pieces.

Whale sharks are heavily protected internationally but they are still in danger because they are highly valued in international markets with a demand for their meat, fins, and oil.

Unregulated fisheries and accidental capture (bycatch) of the giant sharks are a threat to the species.

Andrea Izzotti/Shutterstock

Whale shark tourism also poses a threat because it can interrupt their feeding and the sharks are injured by propeller boats.

We must stop celebrating the protection of species until we are able to enforce that protection — because as you can see by these photos, there are people who don’t care.

We shouldn’t be shocked by things that happen every day … and that’s why we’re exposing our audience to what really happens until all this darkness is exposed.

At Karmagawa and Save The Reef, we’re committed to spreading the word. Will you join us? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more stories and make sure to share our information with your family and friends.

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What do you think about this gentle whale shark being killed and sold on the streets? Leave a comment below.

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