Illegal Dog Trade in India Is Causing Mass Torture and Killing of Dogs

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The illegal and brutal killing of dogs — many of them strays — continues to happen in Nagaland, India.


This sad picture was taken on June 26 at the animal bazaar in the city of Dimapur in Nagaland. It shows dogs that are being brought in from outside the state … as Nagaland is short in supply after eating all its own dogs.

Trucks full of dogs are being imported to Nagaland at night as they cross borders illegally from as far away as West Bengal and Assam.

The dogs’ mouths are tied up with rope so they can’t cry for help…

Many die of suffocation on the way…

Those that remain alive are bludgeoned to death…

And after that, their fur is removed with blowtorches, then their carcasses are sold at dog meat markets.

We know this is extremely sad to think about — but if we’re going to stop the suffering, we have to know what’s out there.

The consumption of dog meat is illegal in India but the laws aren’t stopping the slaughter.

In the Animal Slaughter Bill 2020, the Mizoram government removed dogs from the list of animals suitable for slaughter.

Unfortunately, many citizens are unaware of the laws because it isn’t being enforced … so the culture isn’t being changed.

This torture has to STOP!

You can protest in a civilized manner to the Chief Secretary of Nagaland, Mr. Temjan Toy, and ask for the police to stop the dog bazaars and the dog restaurants in Nagaland. 

The police should stop the dogs from coming in and the smugglers MUST be caught before any more innocent dogs are killed. 

This is Temjan Toy’s email:

Please email him, as we want as many emails as possible to go to him in the next few days to shut these dog smugglers down and save these innocent animals!

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What do you think about the illegal dog trade in India? Leave a comment below.

(Cover image: BBbirdZ/Shutterstock)

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