Animal Lover Viciously Assaulted for Feeding Stray Dogs in Mumbai

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A Versova resident — and known local animal lover — named Payal Arora was assaulted for feeding stray dogs as Indian police watched on in Mumbai.

Arora and her sister Sunita Shahani heard about a local couple’s violent tendencies towards people who fed animals … so she requested Versova constables to accompany them in the area.

Sunita was attacked while she kept food near a tree … and when Payal stepped in to help, the female assaulter bit her, hit her nose, and pulled her hair.

The male assaulter raised Payal’s dress and kicked her in the chest, stomach, and private parts … all while the accompanying constables looked on!

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⚠️WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠️ This is animal lover Payal Arora, who had her nose broken, hair pulled, was bitten & assaulted by two people living nearby to where she was feeding stray dogs all because she has a big heart! Two police officers witnessed the crime, BUT THEY DID NOTHING TO HELP HER AND THAT IS JUST WRONG! People should not live in fear of being attacked for wanting to help poor dogs in need, the police should protect good people like this too! Although the police registered a complaint against the assailants, they bragged about being big time movie producers with political, police, and other connections so they’ll likely face no punishment. And what’s worse, they also threatened to poison any food Payal served to the dogs and cats! So these TRULY EVIL PEOPLE with power and influence will likely face ZERO punishment for this brutal assault despite Payal having a medical report stating that she has human bite marks on her body & a broken nose too…THIS IS WRONG AND WE AT KARMAGAWA ARE CALLING FOR A FULL INVESTIGATION! Animal lovers worldwide let us all unite & show the power of what social media can accomplish to stop this brutality RIGHT NOW! We ask everyone reading this to share Payal’s story with your followers & tag people, celebrities, influencers & news media who need to see this — let’s use our platforms for good to punish those responsible for attacking such a kind-hearted person like Payal! Please also send this to Indian lawmakers @narendramodi @ravishankarprasad @presidentofindia @amitshahofficial & tag them in the comments because stricter laws must be enforced to protect animal lovers from assaults like this! That you for reporting on this @middayindia @_the_literati @streetdogsofbombay #stoptheviolence #savethedogs #spreadawareness #saveanimals #karmagawa

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Afterward, Payal received medical treatment but requires another visit to determine if she will need nasal surgery.

Payal filed proper paperwork against the accused couple but says she has lost trust in the Versova police and no longer believes they will take action.

It’s even been reported that the accused couple are big-time movie producers with political, police, and other connections … so they’ll probably face no punishment.

Even worse, the couple threatened to poison any food Payal serves the dogs and cats in the future.

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At Karmagawa, we think this is really evil!

People shouldn’t live in fear of being assaulted for wanting to help animals that are in need … and these constables should have protected them from their assailants.

This case deserves a full investigation so that there can be justice … and so that people who sacrifice their time and energy to help animals can feel safe to do so in every part of the world.

We’re using our media channels to spread the word to expose these evil actions — and give animal advocates like Payal a voice.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more stories and updates … and share the information with your friends and family so they can get involved.

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What do you think about the dangers that animal advocates face? Leave a comment below.

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