Ecological Catastrophe Reported at One of Russia’s Best Surfing Beaches After Mass Death of Animals

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An ecological catastrophe has been announced in the eastern Kamchatka region of Russia after a large number of dead marine animals — including seals, octopi, starfish, and urchins — washed ashore.

The region spans almost 25 miles and is one of its main tourist attractions — known for its volcanic black sand and pristine beaches.

It’s also one of the best surfing beaches in all of Russia. 

In the past weeks, local surfers reported health problems, including chemical burns to their eyes, sore throats, swollen ligaments, fever, abdominal pains, vomiting, and breathing problems.

Seals were observed acting unusually before washing ashore.

Even bottom-living species are dying in mass numbers — so it shows that the water poisoning has reached the whole depth of the ocean.

Greenpeace recently provided satellite images of the river that flows into the area.

Take a look at these terrible pictures …

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⚠️PLEASE SHARE TO GET HELP HERE! ⚠️ There’s been an ecolological catastrophe in the eastern Kamchatka region of Russia, after scores of dead sea creatures washed up onshore and surfers reported burns to their eyes and throats. Please share this sad news with your followers and help us get URGENTLY NEEDED international aid and press coverage, this is from @yola_la The whole ocean bottom is dead. Octopuses, fish, starfish and seals are all dead from Cape Nalychev to Avacha Bay. And this is more than 40 kilometers! Everyone started to experience strange unpleasant symptoms after surfing. Blurred, dry, painful, and filmy eyes. Sore throat, ligaments swollen and sat down. After a while, we – about 20 people living in the camp, who ride often – realized we were poisoned. Vomiting, fever, cramps, abdominal pain. The authorities sent specialists to take samples as Khalaktyrsky beach began to turn into a cemetery. A couple of days ago, in the ocean, the guys saw the unusual behavior of seals – fur seals. They were not playful and they did not want to plunge into the water and were slowly, for a long time, near the water. A few hours later, one of them was found dead on the beach. The preliminary results of the samples showed an excess of oil products by 4 times and phenol by 2 times. Now everyone is trying to establish the reasons for this and find solutions to the problem. Every hour, new information comes in and recently received satellite images from @greenpeaceru of the river that flows into the ocean, and which, apparently, brought death to all living things. There is a military training ground up the river. EVERYTHING must be done to save the ocean now and protect it from a disaster in the future — please share this and tag people, celebrities, influencers and news media that need to see this too! Photos/videos by @lefffu @kristy_rozenberg @snowave_kamchatka #marinelifematters #karmagawa #savethereef

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A foul smell has formed and an excessive amount of phenol and oil products has been detected along the coastline … but the source is still unknown.

Thankfully, the government seems to be taking things seriously and have announced it as a major concern.

A Russian investigative committee has formed and tests are being done on samples of seawater, air, and sand. Preliminary results are expected today.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we’re always heartbroken to hear of beautiful areas on our planet being polluted and destroyed — especially when animals are hurt.

This is why we need to take our environment seriously and treat the planet better.

Real change will require the involvement of many people, including the government. We’re praying for a quick solution so that people and animals can thrive in this area again.

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What do you think about the pollution and death happening at one of Russia’s best beaches? Leave a comment below.

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