Rescuers Band Together To Save Stranded Humpback Whales

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We recently posted a video of some kind rescuers saving a humpback whale that was stranded on a beach.

It took four hours to roll the massive marine animal back into the ocean but because the group didn’t give up the beautiful whale continues to live. Check out the video here!

We have even more good news because that wasn’t the only humpback whale that was saved recently.

In Argentina, two stranded whales were rescued along the Atlantic coast last week. Both of the marine giants were stranded on a beach of the resort town of La Lucila del Mar, which is south of Buenos Aires.

The first stranded whale was a juvenile female humpback whale that measured 32 feet long and weighed about eight tons. The second was a male humpback whale measuring 28 feet long and weighed about seven tons.

In both cases, about 30 people participated in the rescue. It was a mixture of local residents, lifeguards, coast guard officers, and even firefighters!

By working together, the group of dedicated individuals was able to help the large animals return to the sea safely. They made sure to help the whales stay in a position to breathe and kept their pectoral fins underwater to stabilize their body temperatures.

According to reports, the group said it was a difficult operation and that at one point, the strong waves knocked one of the whales over so that its blowhole was underwater, preventing it from breathing. Thankfully, they were able to muster enough strength to turn the poor whale over.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we’re happy that so many individuals are willing to help animals that are in need. If it weren’t for their sacrifice, these whales would have died. The individuals could have decided that they were too busy and gone about their day. Instead, they made sure these gentle giants could go on living.

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What do you think about the rescue of these whales and all the people that got involved? Leave a comment below.

(Cover image: Nico Faramaz/Shutterstock)

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