3 Bears Rescued from Vietnam Bile Farm Torture

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Three bears have been rescued from being tortured at a bile farm in Vietnam due to the heroic acts of the Animals Asia organization.

Although bear bile farming has been illegal in Vietnam since 1992, the practice has continued due to legal loopholes and a high demand for the bile’s medicinal properties. 

Bile extraction from live bears is a very painful process that causes intense suffering to the animals…

The bears are kept in tiny cages for their whole lives while starved and dehydrated.

Some of the animals grow to the point where their bodies contort to fit the bars — many of them lose their teeth from attempting to chew their way out.

Bile is extracted in a number of ways, all of which cause massive infections in the bears.

One way is through the insertion of a permanent, sometimes rusty, catheter — creating a hole in the bear’s gall bladder. Other bears are simply milked through open wounds. 

The bears are kept alive through various drugs, but most develop diseases and tumors that eventually kill them.

The coronavirus pandemic has created challenges for rescue efforts. Travel restrictions and COVID-19 guidelines have slowed the process down.

When Animals Asia was first notified for the rescue, there were four bears in need, but one died before they could get to them.

Animals Asia is dedicated to saving as many bears as possible and has built a healthy relationship with the Vietnam government. Together, they plan to completely end bear bile farming in Vietnam by 2022.

We at Karmagawa extend immense appreciation and respect to Animals Asia. Check out their site to learn more about them.

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(Cover image: David Maki Photography/Shutterstock)

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