Horse Dies of Heart Attack Possibly Due to Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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Prized horse sprinter, XY Jet, died of a heart attack at just 8 years old … possibly due to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

XY Jet’s trainer, Jorge Navarro, is accused of doping the horse with “blood building” drugs that are known to lead to heart issues or death when given before intense physical exertion such as a race. 

An indictment has been brought against Navarro … alleging that reckless and incessant doping was breaking down and killing horses in the trainer’s barn. It states that XY Jet was heavily doped with over 50 injections in one instance.

Also, according to PETA, a trainer that worked with Navarro claimed that Navarro had “killed and broke down” multiple horses and he had helped Navarro make those horses “disappear.

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XY Jet was a highly decorated racehorse, winning over $3 million in purses and 12 victories in his career … but that must not have been enough, because the poor horse was possibly pushed until his heart couldn’t take it anymore.

We think stories like this are terrible and avoidable.

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