Death Toll Rises After Powerful Earthquake Hits Southern Mexico

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Mexico was hit hard by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, prompting a tsunami warning for the country … along with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Take a look at these frightening videos …

The earthquake struck at 11:20 a.m. near the southern Mexico resort of Huatulco, damaging hundreds of homes and four archaeological sites.

Many lost everything they owned in moments.

At least seven people are dead, including a worker at Mexico’s largest oil refinery, who fell from one of the plant’s structures during the shaking.

Another person was killed in a house collapse at San Juan Ozolotepec.

Mountain roads were blocked by landslides — while churches, bridges and highways suffered damage.

At least 10 health centers that were already busy battling the coronavirus pandemic were damaged, as well.

Hundreds of aftershocks have been reported and the damage is still being assessed.

Our hearts are with the people of Mexico and we’re praying for all those affected.

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