Who’s The Real Monster Here?

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Threatened shark species continue to be targeted, caught, and killed at an alarming rate.

You would think this is only happening in third-world countries, right?

Actually it’s happening right in our own backyard…

70 to 100 million sharks are killed every year despite sharks being a crucial part of preserving a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Commercial fishers and recreational anglers target sharks for the fin trade and find loopholes in existing regulations to continue the practice.

Nationally, there is a ban on shark fishing but it only outlaws removing fins from sharks in the water … so fishers can still legally remove them on land.

 Florida has become the worst state in the United States for killing sharks. And conservationists are fighting for tougher laws.

Shark hunters reason that they are keeping our beaches safe, but at Karmagawa, we think that is total BS.

The brutal killings continue to happen and are increasing.

Sharks help control natural ecosystems and keep our oceans healthy and balanced … The same oceans in which we derive over 50 percent of our oxygen. It doesn’t matter where you live on the planet, we need to keep these animals safe!

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