Orca Waits at Gate Longing To Be Reunited With His Family

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Port of Nagoya Aquarium’s male orca, named Earth, spends his nights waiting by the gate that separates him from his family.

His family — which includes his grandmother, Stella, and aunt, Lynn — wait for him on the other side … as Earth has been kept in complete isolation since the start of the year, supposedly to prevent inbreeding.

While he can see his relatives through the gate, he’s completely deprived of needed social interaction … and it’s clearly taking a toll on the poor orca.

Take a look at this sad video showing the family attempting to communicate …

Scientific evidence has been building up showing the negative effects of captivity on orcas … which include chronic stress and increased mortality.

They are highly intelligent and emotional creatures … and have one of the largest mammalian brains.

They are incredibly social and interact with other killer whales actively. In fact, they usually search for food as a group in the wild.

There are more than 60 orcas being held captive in artificial concrete tanks today.

Captive orcas have shown abnormal behaviors because they are trapped in an environment that they are unable to thrive in … and many die early in life.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we think this is incredibly sad.

These beautiful creatures were made to be free in the ocean where they can be themselves and interact with other orcas.

We’ll continue to show videos like this so that others can see the effects that captivity is having on these majestic animals.

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Have them watch this powerful video …

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What do you think about Earth being trapped in a tank and isolated from his family? Leave a comment below.

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