Stray Pit Bull Found Protecting Toddler After He Snuck Out of House

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Well, here’s a feel-good story for the middle of the week.

A large stray pit bull found a wandering toddler in the streets and protected him until someone was able to help the child reunite with his father.

On October 1st, somehow Kh’amorion Taylor sneaked out of his house unnoticed and wandered through the streets wearing only his pajamas.

A helpful canine joined him somewhere along the way.

The odd sight caught the attention of a local female resident after she saw the shoeless boy walking around with the stray dog by his side.

Check out this video …

For hours the neighbor knocked on doors, hoping to find the child’s father but no one recognized him.

Eventually, the father saw a photo of little Kh’amorion on social media and was able to find his son.

When they were reunited, the toddler kept saying “puppy,” like he knew the dog was trying to protect him.

Apparently, the stray made a big impact on the St. Louis Police Department because they’re now considering adopting him.

At Karmagawa, we hate that Kh’amorion got lost but we’re so happy that a kind animal went out of its way to protect another living creature.

It just goes to show that all living things have the capacity to love and show kindness. We hope the pit bull gets adopted to a caring home.

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What do you think about this stray dog protecting little Kh’amorion? Comment below.

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