Poaching Could Lead To Rhinos Being Extinct in the Next Decade

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Rhinos are on their way to becoming extinct in the next decade or so.

Take a look at this video …

500,000 rhinos roamed the continents of Africa and Asia at the beginning of the 20th century … but by 1970, those numbers plummeted to 70,000.

Today the numbers are even worse. Only 27,000 rhinos remain in the wild.

Poaching and habitat loss over the years have taken its toll and now few rhinos survive outside of protected parks and reserves.

Illegal trade of rhino horns has increased dramatically since 2007 … and is one of the main reasons that rhinos are endangered today. Trading rhino horns has been banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) since 1977, but political unrest, economic instability, and the demand for rhino horns is leading people to break the laws and kill these majestic creatures.

Poaching has become big business and criminal groups are highly organized and well-equipped.

Rhino horns are being used in traditional Asian medicine, as an aphrodisiac, making hair brushes, and even as status symbols.

Black, Sumatran, and Javan rhinos are now critically endangered.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we’re using our channels to expose the effects of rhino poaching. If we all don’t bring awareness and influence change, the remaining rhinos could be wiped off the face of the earth.

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