Spring Breakers Cause Damage To Environment Every Year

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Spring breakers are having a negative effect on the environment.

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The beaches have been a choice-destination for many high school and college students during their spring breaks. The beach is a great way to get much-needed relaxation with friends and family.

According to Project Know, about 40 percent of college students head to spring break destinations such as South Padre Island, Miami Beach, and Cabo San Lucas — just to name a few.

After the parties end and the excitement and adrenaline comes to a halt, however, mass tourists vanish and the students return to school. What gets left behind takes away from the beauty that drew the people to the beach in the first place. The students don’t see the areas as their home, so piles upon piles of trash get left scattered, having devastating effects on the environment.

The trash includes beer cans, bottles, cigarettes, and other garbage — and the amount that is left behind is absolutely horrifying. A lot of times it requires volunteers to come and help clean up.

Not only is this terrible for people who live in these areas … Marine life is put in danger and damage is done to sensitive ecosystems, harming innocent animals.

Proper conservation is important to keep beaches in pristine condition and if enough isn’t done, the actions of humans will destroy the opportunity for others to enjoy what nature has for us.

Some cities are being proactive by starting clean-up initiatives and banning alcohol during the spring break season … But it will take a change from beachgoers to have a lasting effect.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef we want to bring attention to this travesty. It’s our responsibility to protect our planet and we need to make changes so that our actions don’t ruin it for everyone. We can’t be treating our beaches like they are landfills. Make sure you let everyone know that this disgusting behavior is happening so that we can learn and change together!

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram and stay informed of what is happening to animals all around the world.

Also … please spread our information so that your friends and family are aware, as well.

Have them watch this powerful video …

The director of this video, Amir Zakeri, created a masterclass for anyone in the Karmagawa and SaveTheReef community who would like to tell visual stories about the causes they care about. If you’re interested, here’s 50% off.  

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What do you think about the pollution that is left on beaches during spring break? Leave a comment below.

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