Greece Battles Raging Wildfires

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Greece has made the list of countries battling raging wildfires. You can check out our Instagram post about it below: 

The country is fighting over 65 wildfires in the midst of a prolonged heatwave and dry spell that has created a “tinderbox” of its forests. While 1,000 brave firefighters do their best to get the flames under control, hundreds are being evacuated from towns and even off of beaches. 

The coast guard had to assist in getting over 600  trapped evacuees off the beach when the fires cut off their escape route. Fishing vessels and privately owned boats were also employed to get as many stranded people off the shores as quickly as possible. The rescue effort took hours. 

Southern Italy, the Balkans, and Turkey are among the other countries in Southern Europe fighting devastating fires. Swaths of nearby countries are sending help in the form of rescue workers and aircraft, but with winds picking up and dry conditions persisting, the situation is difficult to contain. Sweden, Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Croatia, Israel and Romania have all sent helicopters, rescue vehicles, and emergency workers to help. 

Scientists and government leaders are blaming the climate crisis for the conditions that have caused these destructive fires. Many are saying that the consequences of human-caused climate change are now becoming more evident. 

Our planet deserves better!

As a part of the global community, we must do our part to help as well. Sharing news and posts can help spread awareness of the situation and prompt others to take action. We have created a fundraiser to help those affected by these wildfires in Turkey and Greece. You can donate to our new fundraiser by clicking on our Instagram fundraiser link. Access it here

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, our thoughts and prayers are with every person affected by the tragic wave of fires across the world. Join us as we pray for and support the brave rescue teams on the front lines of this devastation. Don’t forget to donate to our fundraiser and share our stories to get the word out. Together we can do our part to help our friends and neighbors in other places. 

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How do you feel about the devastating fires burning around the world? What else can people do to help? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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