Illegal Shark Killings Increase in Sri Lanka

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Trincomalee, Sri Lanka was once a marine biodiversity hotspot but is now a place where fishers are increasingly killing local shark species. Take a look at this picture from our recent post.

Nilaveli and Pigeon Islands are some of the only places in Sri Lanka where people can swim with sharks and it used to be a tourist hotspot. People from all over the world visited the waters to explore the underwater marine beauty and see many friendly sharks in the vicinity.

Well, tourism has taken a halt because of the pandemic and the local economy has taken a severe hit. As a result, many fishers are illegally killing sharks and the crimes are going unnoticed and without enforcement.

A local organization called Pearl Protectors is bringing attention to the issue and thankfully, the Sri Lankan government said they would launch an investigation into the allegations. Government officials are promising legal action against any people responsible.

Will this stop the illegal shark killings from happening? We’ll wait and see, hoping that great organizations like Pearl Protectors continue keeping watch for these voiceless creatures.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef we are upset that the killing of marine life keeps happening. Recently, over 1400 dolphins were brutally murdered in a single day at Faroe Island. In Norway, whales are being killed for commercial purposes, even when the rest of the world wants them to stop. This madness must come to an end and that’s why we are going to continue using our media channels to bring light to what is happening.

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What do you think about the illegal shark killings that are happening in Sril Lanka? Leave a comment below.

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