Minks at Disease-Infested Fur Camps Test Positive for COVID-19

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Minks from two fur farms in the Netherlands tested positive for COVID-19, according to Humane Society International/UK.

The minks were tested after they were noticed having trouble breathing.

Fur farms have sparked outrage from animal lovers over the years because of their cruel and inhumane operations…

Animals on fur farms are packed into tiny, unclean cages that stunt their growth and drive them to unnatural behaviors such as self-harm and cannibalism. Farmers are also known to use anal electrocution as a method of slaughter.

“Appalling conditions like these are surprisingly common across the fur industry,” Open Cages CEO, Connor Jackson, told MailOnline, stating the animals also experience, “problems such as eye infections, leg deformations, obesity, open wounds and acute mental stress problems such as stereotypical behaviors and apathy.”

The Netherlands has already been in the process of phasing out fur farms and was set to implement a ban in 2024, but animal charity PETA is putting pressure on the Dutch agriculture minister, Carola Schouten, to move the date sooner.

The thought behind this is that fur farms are a natural breeding ground for disease and because the coronavirus can spread from animals to people, this scenario can present a threat to humans

Cruelty to animals isn’t only bad for the animals. The conditions that these animals live in can hurt us as well. According to the CDC, 60 percent of known infectious diseases in people are transmitted from animals.

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(Cover image: Nikolai Dybdal/Shutterstock)

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