Two Dogs Sacrifice Their Safety to Protect Family Baby From Deadly Cobra

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Two heroic dogs sacrificed themselves to save their family’s sleeping baby from a deadly cobra at a home in Kidapawan City, Philippines.

In the video, you see Moxie, a 2-year-old white dachshund, paw at the snake as it draws near. Miley, age four, rushes to join in defense and picks up the cobra in her jaws.

At one point the snake tries to escape toward the front door but the dogs aggressively work together … barking, biting, and dragging the intruder away from the family’s house.

After the fight, the snake died from its injuries.

Unfortunately, Miley was bit by the cobra several times and died shortly after. Moxie survived but was left blind.

This video shows how loyal and loving animals become when they are respected and become part of a family…

Don’t these animals deserve our protection, too?

At Karmagawa, we’re working hard to show you how beautiful animals are and expose you to great charities that can give you opportunities to help protect defenseless creatures.

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(Cover image: Indroi/Shutterstock)

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