Nestlé Sued for Pollution After Tons of Dead Fish Are Discovered Near Its Factory

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Nestlé is being sued for pollution after tons of dead fish were discovered near its factory on the Aisne River in early August.

14 different species were affected, including protected ones such as eels and lamprey.

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⚠️WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES & UGLY CORPORATE GREED ⚠️ The fishing federation of Ardennes filed a complaint against Nestlé following the discovery of thousands of dead fish in the Aisne river in Eastern France. We must ALL share this & make it go viral because while this area is well known for its 'green tourism' with its amazing forests, rivers and lakes, the nearby Nestlé factory admitted there had been a spill of "biological sludge” coming from its filtering station. The president of the federation Michel Adam said Nestlé had infringed on article 432.2 of the environmental code saying “I’ve been with the federation for 40 years & I've never seen pollution this bad. Everything is dead in an area 12 kilometers long & 30 meters wide! We have 5-6 tons of dead fish. On top of that, there are 14 protected species which have been affected such as the eel or lampern”, and sadly it will probably take 10 years to recover. Nestlé has since apologized for the spill & will likely pay a small fine of “a few thousand euros”, but we MUST share this & let them know we will NOT tolerate corporate polluting like this anymore — let’s all tell @nestle to do better because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Nestle produces over 1.5 million metric tons of single-use plastic annually, they’ve been involved in several similar pollution incidents & also allegedly employed child slave labor in Africa (watch the shocking “The Dark Side Of Chocolate” documentary). In all cases, they pay small fines & their @nestle Instagram is so whitewashed you’d never think they’re the 2nd biggest polluting company in the world (behind Coca-Cola in a study by @breakfreefromplastic). So, please help us expose this & make Nestle prioritize our planet over profits for once — share this with your followers & tag people, celebrities, influencers & news media who need to see this & share this too because these fish, this river, our wildlife and our planet all deserve better! Photos from Federatiom de peches des Ardennes Facebook #chemicalspill #saveourrivers #karmagawa #nestle #savethereef

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The combination of rotting carcasses and rising heat has created an incredibly bad smell, so volunteer fishers and firefighters were tasked with a massive cleanup job.

They recovered over five tons of dead fish that had to be disposed of by the truckload.

Michael Adam, president of the Ardennes Fishing Federation, helped bring the complaint against Nestlé France for violation of article 432.2 of the environmental code.

He reported that in his 40 years with the federation, he had never seen pollution of this magnitude.

The Nestlé factory in question manufactures powdered milk for Nescafe’ Dolce Gusto coffee pods.

In a statement, Nestle confirmed that there had been an “occasional and involuntary overflow of biological sludge effluents, without the presence of chemicals” dumped into the river from its wastewater treatment plant.

They also stated that they immediately stopped production and put an end to the spill.

At Karmagawa and SaveTheReef, we don’t think this is enough.

Although this area is well known for its “green tourism” with its amazing forests, rivers, and lakes … it will still probably take 10 years for it to fully recover from the incident.

Meanwhile, Nestlé will likely pay a small fine of a few thousand euros.

Corporations must take more responsibility for any pollution that they cause. 

Nestlé is the second-biggest polluting company in the world behind Coca Cola.

It produces over 1.5 million metric tons of single-use plastic annually and it’s been involved in several similar pollution incidents.

The company has also allegedly employed child slave labor in Africa. For more on that watch the documentary, “The Dark Side of Chocolate.”

In all the pollution cases, Nestlé only had to pay small fines.

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We need to expose companies like Nestlé so that they start prioritizing our planet.

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What do you think about the pollution that big corporations have been causing? Leave a comment below.

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